The Have-Nots OST

The Have-Nots OST

The Have-Nots OST Adrian Corker


The Have-Nots OST Adrian Corker. A film directed by Florian Hoffmeister.
An edition of 500 copies on vinyl. Also FLAC, WAV and MP3. Release date 20.01.17

Release Date:
Copies available:
500 on vinyl and digital
Track Listing:

1.The Have Nots (lock groove theme) – Adrian Corker
2.Faustina – Aisha Orazbayeva
3.Flicker – Adrian Corker
4.Squaring The Circle vs 1 – Adrian Corker
5.Index – Lucy Railton and Adrian Corker
6.Andrew Renton Becomes An International Art Critic – Laurence Crane
7.Supermarket – Adrian Corker
8.Squaring The Circle vs 2 – Adrian Corker
9.Charged (Rushing rework) – Adrian Corker
10.Whose Land – Adrian Corker
11.The Have Nots (string version) – Adrian Corker
12.Experiences No 2 – John Cage (lyrics E.E. Cummings)

Peformed by Aisha Orazbayeva, Lucy Railton, Emma Smith, Liam Byrne, Petter Eldh and Mark Knoop. And featuring a remix by Jack Wyllie.
Tracks mixed by Peiman Khosravi and David Prior.
Lock grooves cut by Graeme Durham.
String arrangements by Will Gardner and Adrian Corker.
Strings recorded at Baltic Place, London Artwork by Chris Bigg.